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As a cinematographer,  started working at a very young age next to my father and brother, who are also a cinematographers, rise and born in Colombia  and  studied Advertising in UJTL  worked in television and live entertainment for over 10 years, then studied Cinematography in UCLA, Los Angeles, California, which opened a very important door in my life. 

I moved to the US, and for the last 20 years I have been working in the creation of all content genres in Spanish and English, learning from the best directors and producers. I have worked for major networks, studios, agencies, and independent producers. 


My credits include scripted series, films, documentaries, realities, commercials and music videos. I also shoot branded and corporate content, and I enjoy every minute of it! In the way I have learned about passion, team work, dreams, patience and I have met the most amazing and talented people! I received two Emmy awards as producer and cinematographer and I am very proud if it!


Today, based in Miami I have my own production company, rental house,  offering my services in all major cities of the United States, Mexico, Colombia, or where you need us to be.

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